Kos Airport Map

Airport Latitude and Longitude: 36°47′36.01″N 27°05′30″E

Airport address: Kos Airport, Antimachia 85300, Kos, Dodekanissos, Greece


Distances from Kos Airport:

Kos TownAbout 30 min(23.3 km)
KardamainaAbout 9 min(6.6 km)
MastihariAbout 11 min(7.1 km)
TigakiAbout 16 min(13.3 km)
PsalidiAbout 35 min(27.7 km)
KolymbiaAbout 21 min(17.3 km)
Ag. TheologosAbout 31 min(23 km)

About Kos

Kos is the third largest island in the Dodecanese , with a total area of 290s.q and a population of about 35.000 residents distributed into three municipalities- the City of Kos , the municipality and the municipality Irakleidon Dikaiou .

The island of Kos has been inhabited since the ancient years and has already since the 2 bc millennium, a tradition in agriculture and the arts. The island had been the home of the father of medicine Hippocrates and a host of poets and philosophers.

If you happen to go to a trip to Kos, you will get the chance to meet Tigaki with its outstanding seaside, Mastichari head, which lies in the westerner part of the island as well as the charming village of Kardamena which has been constructed ” right on top of the waves. ”

The natural resources of the island, the endless sandy beaches and the sea with its crystal clear blue waters, is combined perfectly with the lavish history of the island thus rendering Kos one of the most popular destinations in Greece for over 30 years now.